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Tree House

Location: United States

Shaw Residence or "Tree House" is a new residence built of salvaged and FSC-certified wood and radiant-concrete floors. It received an AIA award from the Monterey Bay Chapter. Conceptually the wood forms root it to its forest site. It is built..

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D Caves Hotel

Location: India

Fifty feet high boulders sit in the center of this small 1 acre site that rises up steeply from all sides with a thirty feet level difference from the edges to the center. Skirted by small roads on all sides, the site at its highest level enjoys..

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The Nira

Location: India

The design brief called for a luxury eco-resort in Kumarakom, Kerala. As a boutique project, in close proximity to the Arabian Sea, the objective was to offer an indulgent retreat experience of life amidst the backwaters. Physical and visual..

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Location: Belgium

During the competition, Conix Architects envisaged what it would be like for a visitor walking up from Boulevard du Centenaire to the Atomium for the first time, as if on a stage set. The boulevard had to be designed in such a way as to welcome..

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MICR, Red Cross Museum

Location: Switzerland

Three internationally acclaimed architects from different cultural backgrounds placed their talents at the service of a new exhibition organized around three different themes: Defending Human Dignity (Gringo Cardia, Brazil), Restoring Family..

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Puerta Umbría HS Rail Station

Location: Spain

The firm proposes a station that pretends to be a real terminus station. It is not a place just to pass through, but a place where the passengers change their rate of movement. In this place, the city of Huelva introduces itself to the traveller..

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DSSH Bridge

Location: Canada

DSSH Bridge is designed by sanzpont [arquitectura] for the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge International Challenge. DYNAMIC REACTION: Being a flexible tensile structure, by applying more tension to different points, a technological..

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Parliamentary complex of Albany

Location: Albania

The project consists of a single urban scale structure containing an autonomous "city of government". The roof acts simultaneously as an icon of the project and climatic moderator. The main space houses the plenary hall and functions accessible..

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55+56 Sumeru

Location: India

56+55 Sumeru is the fusion of two small low-income-group row houses into a large contemporary townhouse, in line with the requirements of the clients. The metamorphosis happened in three stages, each triggered by different factors. Main objectives..

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Chinese Academy of Sciences

Location: China

The site for this new exhibition center and laboratories was the former 1962 Soviet-designed low-density office cluster sitting amongst a heavily wooded compound. The design sought to minimize the carbon footprint of new construction by retaining..

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Location: Finland

For the architect of the 21st century, timber is a fascinating building material that sets new challenges, even though it is probably the oldest and most tested material still in use. Wood makes a more positive impression on the human mind than..

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Collège IPSE

Location: Morocco

Our college project is located in the heart of the town of Safi, in connection with all the areas of the city, and avenue Hassan II. Our approach is to design a key component in the town of Safi, the main objectives to be achieved on a urbanistic..

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