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Heathrow Airport New Terminal 2

Location: United Kingdom

T2a Heathrow Airport: A 21st Century Terminal is about to take off. An airport is one of the most visible and important ambassador for a city. This new terminal, ready to welcome 20 million passengers per year, responds to a new model of..

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Baer Retreat

Location: United States

The Baer retreat is a restful oasis from city life. It consists of three cabins that are blessed with the sound of the river year-round, and a spectacular grove of sycamore trees. As the buildings are being constructed, care has been given to..

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Almazara Olisur Olive Oil Factor

Location: Chile

A volume of architecture simple and emphatic, which reinterprets allegorically anonymous architectures of the central valley, sits on the softer mountains of olives, looking subtly with its wooden facades and colors that stand out with the luminosity..

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DS Factory & Offices

Location: India

The Factory and Office complex takes a holistic approach to architectural design by integrating energy conservation, occupant participation and economic performance as part of the building life-cycle to make it truly sustainable. The proactive..

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Belgium EU Pavilion W Expo 2010

Location: China

Introduction: On the first of May 2010, the new Universal Exposition started in Shanghai. China expected 70 million visitors at the Expo 2010 with the theme “Better City, Better Life”. Belgium was also present at this universal exposition..

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Corredor Ecológico Recreativo CO

Location: Colombia

The city of Bogotá, Colombia is defined by the beautiful natural boundary of the Forest Reserve of the eastern hills. But the high level of ecosystem degradation and deterioration of the original forest that once existed in the eastern hills,..

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Location: Spain

The aim is to show the people of Valencia as a high use urban, but based on a 100% sustainable premises can be achieved. For this reason in the area of operation has been proposed a new type of urban development with the aim of resuming..

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Sede Central de Repsol

Location: Spain

It has 4 buildings forming a cloister around a large center, which is 1.5 times the length of a football field and has 100 native trees. It is the only business campus located in the center of Madrid. The design objective was communication,..

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Wuxi Airport

Location: China

The integration of new Terminal with the old one is obtained following the shape and the geometry of the old Terminal cover, a synthetic float flat under which the terminal volume is embraced. In the new Terminal the new float cover is always..

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Eco City Montecorvo

Location: Spain

The beautiful site is located just north of Logroño on the two small hills of Montecorvo and la Fonsalalda. The south facing hills not only provide beautiful views of the city, but also provide optimal conditions for solar energy collection..

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Archivo General de la Nación

Location: Argentina

The contest defined a maximum build volume, a large prism with height limits and impossibility of making basements. This space will contain the total building where the first stage will only represent 25% of the total area. Temporary and provisional..

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Old Market Library

Location: Thailand

The Old Market Library is built in a 100-year-old market building. The section for the library measures 3x9 metres internally, with a back yard facing a small canal. The roof and the walls were in very poor condition, and consequently any new..

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