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Sports Center Budweiss

Location: Czech Republic

Transport service area is the northwestern part, on the southwest path is calculated with a turntable for buses. The main pedestrian entrance to the river, from the direction of the winter or the swimming pool. The ground floor is through a..

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Tata Consultancy Services STP

Location: India

Top software engineering TCS will implement a spectacular Technology Park on a 28.000 hectares plot in Chennai, to the SE of India and only 2 km away from the Indic Ocean. Being India a fantastic country and Tata a first line company, this..

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Kirsch Environmental Studies C

Location: United States

As one of the first examples of a sustainable "green" building in the California Community College system, the 22,000 sq. ft. Kirsch Center is a state-of-the-art educational centre combining interdisciplinary environmental studies, energy management..

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Corporativo Transoceánica

Location: Chile

The building responds in its design to the implementation of an energy efficiency system oriented to reduce demand, improving the quality of work spaces and be respectful with the environment. It is composed of a main body consisting of a hall..

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GEODA 2055 Eco City

Location: Spain

The performance environment is extremely complex, hostile and singular. Located on a hill that has been used as a quarry, near the town of Mondragon, a traditional urban core and highly consolidated. In the set have been arranged with various..

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Palo Alto

Location: United States

Sustainable Housing in Laguna Street Palo Alto. California.

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Casa VSP + JUR

Location: Mexico

This small green-roofed Casa VSP+JUR isn't trying to show off. Located at the back of a very large property and masked by surrounding foliage, the 1,000 sq ft home was given Sanzpont Arquitectura's total attention and focus to give it the the..

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Location: China

The building, the Centre for the development of renewable energy technologies, is located on the campus of the University of Nottingham opened in Ningbo and houses a visitor center, research laboratories and classrooms for specialization courses...

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Radhika Villa

Location: India

The site is a square plot in a small private housing society consisting of much larger bungalows. It is situated deep within the society along the main access road abutting the common open area, which is also the society garden. This becomes..

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Jia Little Exhibition Centre

Location: China

We live in an age where we are no longer acquainted with the origins and production of the goods we consume, often unwittingly exposing ourselves to materials that may be hazardous to our health, or goods that are produced under unfair or exploitative..

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Location: Finland

In springtime, birdsong proclaims the end of the severe winter. Warm midsummer days are filled with the scent of pine and juniper. Autumn gales drive the waves over the rocks and gradually the sea freezes to form abstract shapes of drifting..

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VI Palazzo ENI

Location: Italy

The pioneering spirit of ENI takes form in the design for the VI Palazzo. The design defines itself in the historic tradition of the company, initiated by Enrico Mattei, for whom the palazzos had always been at the forefront of the architectural..

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